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Listing Inspections


(for homes up to 2000 sq.ft)**
**Older & Larger homes slightly higher

A Pre-Sale Inspection is a great marketing tool…..

Consider a Pre-Sale Inspection

Our listing (or pre-sale) inspection is designed to let Sellers know the current condition of their property from what will likely be the Buyer’s perspective once the home is sold. The comprehensive inspection and summary report will provide Sellers with a “snapshot ” of areas in the property that may not be up to the current standards of today’s demanding consumer. The real estate sales market has become very competitive in recent years and our very detailed report will give you the tools necessary to set your property apart from the competition.

We treat the pre-listing inspection as if we were looking at it through the eyes of the discriminating buyer and their home inspector’s critical eye.

Almost all home Purchase and Sale agreements have a home inspection as a contingency.

By having a pre-listing inspection performed, prior to placing the home on the market, you greatly enhance your ability to market the property, and ultimately enhance your sales revenue once it is sold.

It is never easy to have an independent property inspection expert come into your home and tell you all the things that are “wrong ” with it.

Our inspection process is sympathetic to the fact that you may have had many years of fond memories and comfort while calling it home.

We will present our findings using a common sense approach to prioritize the items that need highest attention and offer solutions that fit your goals and budget…we will even offer assistance to you in implementing any of the repair suggestions that we offer! How can you go wrong with that…??

Our pre-sale home inspection can be your competitive edge in an increasingly buyer- friendly sales market, and offer your prospective buyers the peace of mind knowing that they will not have to deal with the items that you have taken care of for them…a “win-win ” for all involved!


  • MINIMIZE costly after the sale “negotiated ” repairs
  • MINIMIZE anxiety during transfer of property
  • MINIMIZE loss of potential buyers  And you…


(for homes up to 2000 sq.ft)**
**Older & Larger homes slightly higher


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