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Radon and Water Quality Testing

Radon Air Test

We recommend that you consider testing your property for the presence of radon. Studies have shown that is present in virtually all areas of the United States, and in particular, areas where high concentrations of granite are present like New England. Although results vary greatly from property to property it is wise to have our experts perform a localized test on your property. The affects of radon have been proven to be harmful to your health if not detected and/or mitigated. A simple short-term test will determine whether or not the gas is present, and allow you to make the decision of how to handle as part of your real estate negotiations. Our cost is very reasonable and provides peace of mind in knowing that the property is safe for your family.

Radon Water Test

Radon in well water is a common occurrence in the Northeast. It becomes airborne at the point of entry into the home (i.e. faucets) and has the same effect as radon in the air. Although the presence (or non-presence) of radon in the air does not always indicate whether or not radon is present in the water supply, we recommend having them tested simultaneously. The test is very simple and can be performed in conjunction with the general water quality examination.


Water Quality Testing

We offer a wide variety of water quality sampling that can be done at the time of home inspection. We can perform single item testing such as for the presence of bacteria or e-coli or chloroform, or wider range of analytes from minerals to contaminants. We also offer specific testing required by certain loan programs such as FHA/VA. All of out testing is done through EAI Analytical, a local lab that provides comprehensive service, quick turn-around, and detailed information for any remediation that may need to occur as a result of the findings.

Pricing and Fees
Radon - Air (48 hour Test) $110
Radon - Water $ 95
Basic Water (Bacteria & pH)$ 90
General Water Quality Exam (Bacteria, pH, iron, manganese, hardness, nitrate, chloride, turbidity & color)$150
Expanded Water Quality Exam (General Exam parameters with lead, copper & nitrite)$175
FHA/VA Rural Development Loan Exam (Bacteria, nitrate, nitrite and lead)$175
Arsenic$ 75
Additional Analytes (Lead, fluoride, copper, sulfide, zinc, etc.) - eachsulfide, zinc, etc.) - each $ 75
Whole House Review (no photos or report)$100.00/hr (includes travel time)
Thermal Scans$195

Mike was referred to me by my realtor to inspect an older home I was buying. The inspection process can be very nerve wracking when you’ve found your dream house, only to discover there are unforeseen problems. Mike helped to put me at ease through the whole inspection process. He did find some areas of concern, but we were able to talk about affordable fixes and prioritize them. Mike has 30 years of building and construction experience to draw from and his suggestions, professional report and demeanor made me feel very comfortable in my final decision to buy the house.

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