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We found the home inspection process with Inspections by Mike to be very professional and extremely thorough. The written report is outstanding – very in depth, insightful and helpful.
Rhona & Joel

Hi Mike, I have purchased homes in the past and have gone through the inspection process. This was by far the best experience I have had. Your knowledge coupled with your friendly personality made it a very nice experience for us. I would absolutely refer you to a friend or colleague should this opportunity presents itself. Thanks again.
Anthony Capelli


Thanks for the thorough and well-documented report. Appreciate the professional job in looking at all the aspects of the condo.



We hired Downeast Inspections to inspect a house we are buying. The 35+ page report was very comprehensive, describing both current conditions of systems and structures as well as suggestions for improvement. But it was Mike’s willingness to explain what he was doing during the inspection, answer questions and give give professional opinions from a background in construction that gave us the confidence to know we’ve made the right choice for us.
Thank you, Mike and crew, from Downeast Inspections.
Kim and Marc Petit

Mike was very professional from the minute we met him. He introduced himself and explained to us everything that he would be doing and if we had any questions we were able to ask him and he answered us very thoroughly. Mike was professional, thorough and courteous. We received his report which was very informative and very explanatory of any concerns that he had. We feel as though he is very knowledgeable in his field and  we would definitely refer him to anybody we know that is looking for an inspection.

Thank You

Irene and Craig Andreson

You did a great job for us. Thank you for your prompt and professional service. You were great to work with.
Rev. Ralph W Howe

Brattleboro, VT

Thank you so much for this detailed report and for your candor. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into the inspection. It is a relief to have such a great team supporting us through this process.
Jack & Nicole Lamont

Keene, NH

Thank you so much for your input and thoroughly detailed report of the home we are buying. It has helped my husband and I to feel more confident in our decision to purchase this home. You came highly recommended by my dad, and I can clearly see why!
Sarah Briney

Claremont, NH

Hello Mike,
Thank you so much for your report and diligence in inspecting the property, we also believe it is a good investment with so much more potential! Thank you for your offer, we will certainly take you up on it as we start work on the house. We very much appreciate it!
Our family is looking forward to making new friends along the way 😉🤣🤣.
All the best to you and yours,
Chris, Nanette and The Boys


Good morning Mike,

Thank you so much for coming out this past weekend and doing the inspection for us. We appreciate it greatly! Things are moving smoothly. The report was incredible. It was thorough and super easy to follow. We will definitely be keeping the whole report in our home folder. Once again, thank you!


Hi Mike,

Participating in the home inspection surely did enlighten me to the setup of this home and the minor issues that need to be addressed.

My fiance and I are obviously very pleased that there were no major issues with the home, and because of your thorough inspection, and Eric’s thorough septic inspection, we feel a lot more comfortable moving forward in the home buying process! We love the home, love the lake, and feel as though we are buying for a very fair price. With the minor upgrades you’ve suggested, I think we can significantly improve the livability of the home.

Like I mentioned, we are first time home buyers, and I had never been part of the home inspection process before. I will say that you surpassed my expectations of what a home inspection would entail.

Thanks a lot, and I look forward to hearing from you soon with the radon and water test results.



Stoddard, NH

Thank you, Mike, for a very thorough inspection report, as well as an educational experience last Sunday! Your professional experience as a contractor, as well as an inspector is invaluable! I’m confident that we’ll be calling on you for advice in the future…

Stay healthy!


Putney, VT

It was neat to finally experience being a client of yours!  Even though I already knew you, you came highly recommended by several people. Thank you so much for your professional and thorough inspection. You were patient and educational during the process,  and your report was very extensive, bringing attention to areas that we would not have otherwise considered.  Even though you have to be the bearer of “issues”, I like the way you give just as much attention to the positives.

Thank you again.

Robin and Bruce

Surry, NH

We were very pleased with the inspection process as Mike was very helpful and informative throughout the process. Because the first house we were looking to purchase didn’t work out, we needed an inspection on a 2nd property we put an offer on. We were so happy with the first inspection, we contacted Mike for this one and Mike kindly extended us a discounted price. It was great that Mike allowed us to go through the house with him as he pointed out some things to provide us a better understanding which was helpful to reflect on when we received the actual inspection report. We would recommend Mike to friends and family for sure.

We will reach out to Mike without hesitation for some recommendations if we are to do any house updates.

Thanks Mike!

Matt & Karen

Thank you so much Mike for your comprehensive report. I appreciate the add’l suggestions for upkeep. It was a pleasure meeting you and we are grateful for the high quality of your service.



Saxtons River, VT

Thanks for the super job at the site and thorough inspection report. 

The only feedback I have is regarding expectations for time to write and to receive the report. We were under tight deadlines legally and wanted to respect those to not lose the opportunity. Once engaged you were prompt to reply and coach us with clarity regarding requesting an extension which indeed was valuable. A bit more transparency regarding this process while we were waiting would have been welcome. I’m a pretty chill person generally and want to ‘trust the professionals’ to take their time to do good work. The sellers had a willing buyer – so it was only the lawyer that started making me nervous.

Thanks for your timely responses to my follow-up emails. It’s all going to work out – and your solid judgment confirmed our impressions. Your report is also a super road map for our new home projects.

Best regards,


I felt that the explanations you gave us before, during and after the inspection were superb.  You were quick in getting the report out.  The report was thorough with great pictures that helped to visualize the problem areas.  The touch of humor made me chuckle.  Most certainly, I will be glad to refer you to others.

Since the sellers will be taking the wood pellet stove, I will be in the market for a wood pellet stove.  So, if you come across one that you feel might be appropriate for the house, please let me know.  After all, I will need the fire to go along with the good book & glass o’ my favorite big girl drink.

Best regards,


Hi Mike, thanks for the note. I was very satisfied with your inspection and your humble approach. I will definitely recommend you to family and friends and hope to keep in touch with you in the future if I have any questions regarding my home.


Keene, NH

Thank you so much for such a thorough report. This has been invaluable n helping me make my decision.


Lori Stumpfol

Winchester, NH

Nothing but good things to say, re the inspection at 56 School St., Walpole. Thanks, and I would definitely recommend you to anyone in need of a thorough, specific and comprehensive report .. to say nothing of your pleasant and informative communication style!



Walpole, NH

Thank you so much for being so thorough and so open to answer any and all of our questions!! We are really excited with things moving forward and see the house as a great next step for Jessalyn and I. 


Again we really appreciate everything you were able to help with (even though we thought the deck was a garage!) 🙂 in any case it was excellent getting to know you even for a short time. We felt at ease with the whole process with your humor and candor. 


As we move along this process and beyond we will certainly reach out with questions, it’s nice to know we have you in our corner!


Enjoy the rest of your week and beyond!


Guilford, VT

Hello. . .I am very pleased with the inspection Mike Mugsford did of my future home at 15 N. River Rd. in Walpole.  His report was definitive and will be quite helpful as I take ownership, update and maintain the first home I have ever owned just by myself! 

I would be happy to recommend him and his services should the occasion arise.

Thank you!


Walpole, NH

I wanted to thank you for the incredible inspection report you produced for my new home 643 Gulf Road in Chesterfield NH. My father has been a contractor for 35 years and said it is by far the BEST inspection he has ever seen. I am so happy we were able to work with you and I can’t thank you enough for your services.


Chesterfield, NH

Thank you Mike, the inspection process was informative and professional. I appreciate the time you spent with me explaining all the situations and the solutions. I left with the confidence that I could handle our future home and it’s age. Thanks again and you will be highly recommended by me in the future.

Brian C.

Keene, NH

I know you may hear this often yet I can say that Patty and I have purchased at least a dozen homes and have never had such a thorough/informative experience with an inspector. In fact I was close to not getting one since often they are boilerplate and useless… Thank You!!

BJ & Patty

Bethel, ME

Great, thorough job overall. The photos with red arrows made it easy to follow the things I hadn’t seen personally. The summary pages made it easy to copy, paste into a document with my notes to members of the board. The rest of the report will form the basis for our upcoming repairs and future maintenance items. It was very detailed.

Bill and I had taken a few photos and probably didn’t need to. You may want to let people know what a final report looks like. The last one I got was handwritten into a paper format. It was okay but not on par with yours at all.

Thank-you very much.


Keene, NH

Thank you for your very thorough inspection and detailed summary. David and I are very pleased. We’ve gone through three Home inspections in the last four years and by far you have been the most thorough (and personable!)

Thanks so much again! It was very nice meeting you!

Marisa & David

Hinsdale, NH

Hi Mike,

I didn’t get the opportunity to meet you, but Denver talked about how knowledgeable and professional you were! Thank you so much for the easy to read, detailed report and the overall outstanding job you did. We will certainly recommend your services.

Thank you again

Katia and Denver

Weston, VT

Hi Mike,

I didn’t get the opportunity to meet you, but Denver talked about how knowledgeable and professional you were! Thank you so much for the easy to read, detailed report and the overall outstanding job you did. We will certainly recommend your services.

Thank you again

Katia and Denver

Weston, VT

Dear Mike,

I’ve been putting off writing you an email until we received the radon report, which, thankfully, did not take long at all. I don’t have any immediate questions, but rather I’d just like to express how much I enjoyed meeting you, […] and then gleaning from you what information I could during the house inspection. It was kind of a stressful day, not too bad, but your great company — literal and figurative — made the entire experience both congenial and educational; you brought a casual, friendly, and distinctly professional vibe that I’ve rarely encountered within the realm of construction and real estate. My brother and parents wanted me to tell you how much they enjoyed meeting you, kind thoughts and words which I mirror exactly. Again, it was great meeting and speaking with you, and I hope somewhere not too far down the line we have another opportunity;[…]Truly, thanks for all your help, Mike, and I hope you won’t mind any intermittent emails asking questions about home improvement!

Have a great rest of your summer!


Beverly, MA


It was a pleasure working with you again. Thank you for the quick turnaround on this report. I appreciate that you are thorough in your inspection but also realistic about the condition and usefulness of the property. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Regards, Josh Dillingham

Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for your thorough inspection of our new house. I may have questions once I can get through with school and have time to go there in person. Its reassuring to have someone with your wealth of experience to evaluate things that I know nothing about. Thank you again.



You have been a great choice, and we are extremely happy that Kirk Callender had you on his “list.” Your inspection and report go above and beyond what I had anticipated! I especially appreciate how you prioritize the remediation issues. It is great to deal with a person with your years of hands-on building experience. You have much more realistic insight into how things should be and how to remedy the insufficiencies.

Your guidance is especially helpful as we are trying to make this purchase from some distance away. We have had to rely on the professionalism of people in the area. So far everyone we have dealt with has been great! Wish we could move to New Hampshire tomorrow!

Thanks again!! Dave

Hi Mike!

I just got a chance to thoroughly read through your report and I was giggling at all of your funny remarks! Thank you for making such a daunting task feel enjoyable! Have a wonderful New Year!

Thanks again, Shenna Paju

Hi Mike!

Thank you Mike! This is much more detailed and thorough than I was expecting. Very helpful. I’m going to recommend your services to anyone who will listen!

Matt and Jenn


Thank You for this thorough and thoughtful report. It was an amazing experience to go through the house with you and get to know the systems of the house. I keep telling people that I feel as though I have an intimate knowledge of the workings of our house, and how safe I feel knowing exactly what we are signing on to. I will recommend you freely to anyone who is looking for an amazing education and care filled inspector for their home. I’m sure we will be calling for your recommendations!

Thanks, Jeanne

Thanks, Mike.

Your inspection report was outstanding and fun to read.

Best, Amy

Good afternoon Mike,
Too many people are always negative, and only respond when something is wrong… I wanted to let you know how thankful I am and how easy it was to do business with you.

From the beginning, Chris was both responsive and helpful when booking and confirming our inspection. Obviously our date was a few weeks out from when I booked it, so the follow-up was not only appreciated, but given how many other forms and moving parts there are to purchasing a home– the follow-up was completely necessary.

I also appreciate that you were so thorough and detailed when looking over our home. You treated it like it was your own, and as if you were going to put your family in it– and that means a lot to me.

Thank you for all your help on this.

Regards, Matt P, Greenfield

Thank you so much, Mike, for your thorough report and for being so thoughtful and reassuring during the inspection. It was a super-positive experience for us. We’ll be in touch if we have any questions.

Best, Leda

Hi Mike,
Thanks so much for taking the time to write such an in depth and detailed inspection report. And thank you again for taking the time to come over to my soon to be Greenhill Parkway home, especially on such a frigid Day! I appreciate your diligence, and all of your recommendations. I value everything you noted. Thank you for offering your advise at any time, it means a lot to me being a first time homeowner. I will certainly recommend you to anyone that ever needs your line of services, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future whenever it should arise!

Thank You again for everything. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy, and Prosperous New Year in 2017!

Best, Alyssa

Thanks Mike.
We really appreciate the time you took – it was very informative – and would love to work together again if the opportunity arises.

Enjoy the holiday, -Noah

Thanks so much Mike. We really appreciate you thoroughness and attention to detail. The quality of work you provided seems to be increasingly rare these days, so we are very grateful for your help!

Eric and Heather

Dear Mike Mugford,
First off, I wanted to send a sincere thank you for the work you did inspecting 115 Williams Street and preparing the report. It’s been absolutely invaluable as a tool going through this process of purchasing a house! It was a fantastic experience which helped give me a lot of insight going forward and your name has been spilled around a few times already!

Thank you very much for your time,

M.F. Brattleboro

Hi Mike,
Thank you so, so much for such a wonderful inspection experience. You were great! Super thorough and very eager to answer questions and explain everything. It was really a great experience and I can’t thank you enough. We took your suggestions to heart and sent our requests to the sellers.

Thank you again!
Thank you very much for your time,

S.H. Northfield, MA

Hi Mike,
I wanted to express how wonderful and professional both Geoff and I thought you were with our inspection. We really appreciated the opportunity to walk through the home with you, ask questions and learn your insights. From the first phone call I made to your office until receiving the inspection report, everything was handled top notch! I will certainly be pleased to refer anyone looking for a home inspection to you. Thank you again!!!!

Melissa and Geoff

Thank you for all you have done. We are very pleased with your thoroughness & professionalism; and, we are glad we selected YOU!
Thanks again.

Ted and Fran

Good morning Mike,
We just want to say thanks for the great inspection and report, we appreciate your thoroughness and speed, I know our time tables were a little tight but you did great. Thanks again and if asked we’ll definitely recommend you to anyone we know. Have a good one.

Mike and Rebecca

Hey Mike, I just wanted to reach back and thank you for doing the inspection, it is by far the most thorough and solid work we have seen in the three homes we have had inspections.

Tate & Devoney

David and I were blown away with your report. Very thorough. I would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat. David said it was great working with you. He really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the house and picking you brain. It was very kind of you to show him things and explain things you saw. We think you did an awesome job with the report. This is our first house so we didn’t quite know what to expect and your report exceeded our expectations. And your thoughts within the email were so great for us to have and to hear. We really appreciate you taking the time to do the inspection, and getting it done as soon as you did. As of today, we are closing in 8 short days, January 30. We will certainly keep Trenna at Cocoplum in mind when we go to look for a refrigerator next weekend.

Again, thank you for taking the time to do the inspection, putting together the report, and working with David. Like I said, we will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection.

Kind Regards, D.M. & S.B. Harrisville, NH

Mike came highly recommended to me by my Realtor…and I see why! He was quick to return my initial phone call, was very personable, and his rates were great. Through the entire inspection process Mike kept me well informed, and fully disclosed potential future costs the home would run my husband and I. His notes were meticulous, and once the inspection was completed, he presented the report to me in both writing and in detail over the phone. Mike never seemed rushed, and genuinely took an interest in the quality of his work. He was very knowledgeable, and took time to answer all my questions in detail. I felt very well taken care…but the goodness doesn’t end there! Weeks after the inspection, my husband and I found out we needed an exterior lead paint removal, prior to the closing. I re-contacted Mike, and he found a local painter who was able to quote me a very reasonable estimate. Mike certainly went above and beyond what I would have ever expected for him to do!


Word is out that you are the best!!!

Realtor Keene, NH

Finally had the opportunity to go through your report and I appreciate very much not only the detail of each category you addressed, but that you also spent the time to project where potential items of repair most likely will arise in the future. With that, I can set in place a plan to make some corrections before they become problems that can cause interruptions.

Thanks also for allowing the situation that Keith could also interact with you while your inspections were taking place. His experience in the business was a welcome circumstance for me, as he obviously saw a lot more than I did. I knew he would not be a negative presence, but from your perspective of not knowing him, I would imagine you have had similar situations where people tried to undermine your work for their benefit. I came away reassured that both of you represented my position well.

If I have the opportunity to put your name out there for future clients, I will not hesitate.

And I appreciate the offer to contact you with any questions that may come about from this inspection.

Sincerely, Marshall S.

Great…thank you so much Mike! I really appreciate your time and thoroughness of your report :-). Will definitely call you in the future.

S.S. (repeat customer)

Nice job & very thorough! Hope to work with you again real soon.


Thank you for this thorough and useful report of the … property.
Your positive comments along with insightful details affirm that I’ve made a good choice, while at the same time being aware of important areas needing attention and/or monitoring.
Again my thanks for your helpfulness- I appreciate having you as a resource in the future, if needed.


Mike was referred to me by my realtor to inspect an older home I was buying. The inspection process can be very nerve wracking when you’ve found your dream house, only to discover there are unforeseen problems. Mike helped to put me at ease through the whole inspection process. He did find some areas of concern, but we were able to talk about affordable fixes and prioritize them. Mike has 30 years of building and construction experience to draw from and his suggestions, professional report and demeanor made me feel very comfortable in my final decision to buy the house.

W.P., Sullivan, NH

WOW is all I can say… oh, and… can I put your phone number on speed dial?  🙂  Sorry for the informal opening but I wanted to express how pleased I am with the extremely thorough report you put together.  It was a pleasure walking through the house with someone that has the expertise on older homes and knowing the features to appreciate as well as acknowledging the items of concern.

I read through it last night and will print it out today for another run through.  You have given me a lot to consider and think about in jumping into this home.  I think the good thing I have on my side is that I can possibly tackle some of these bigger items while I still have my home to live in Keene.

Your report definitely has good cause for me to pull in my electrician and plumber to check out the items of safety concern and see what needs to be done right away.  I will also contact the waterproofing company at some point as well.

When I finished reading the report last night I stayed awake for a bit thinking about the project ahead… I can’t tell you how helpful your comment to me in your opening letter in regards to having the skill set, etc., helped.  Thank you.  My oldest living relative, Aunt Patty reminded me a few years ago that we have “SISU” which loosely means having ‘the courage and audacity to do something risky with integrity, honesty and humility’.  This theme has helped me through a lot of unusual life situations and so with that, this project still feels right for me.

I most definitely will be in touch in regards to inspecting my Keene home as well as some ideas on this one.

Much appreciation,


Tina Boylan

Thanks again!

It was a pleasure working with you and we really appreciate your professionalism and insight. 

All the best for the New Year

Andy and Hallie

Keene, NH

Happy New Year! 

I can’t thank you enough!!

Truly feel so blessed to have met you, Mike.  Your honesty, integrity, and kindness are most appreciated.  

Many, many thanks


Grafton, VT


Thanks for the thorough and well-documented report. Appreciate the professional job in looking at all the aspects of the condo.



Good Morning,

Thank you for doing my inspection.  You were wonderful to work with and the process was very informative!

Have a wonderful day.




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