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Thermal Scans

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the property you are purchasing is insulated, or might have hidden leaks or mold, or could even have “hot spots” in the electrical system…BEFORE you purchase it?

No one wants to be surprised by the hidden presence of moisture or drafty walls and ceilings, or worse yet, the thought of having a faulty wire or breaker in the electrical system that could be putting your families welfare at risk!!

Utilizing the latest in infrared camera technology, we can perform a simple observation of roof, covered wall, and ceiling surfaces to determine whether or not there are areas of concern that warrant further evaluation. Our IR technology is not a radar device that allows us to look inside a particular building component, but rather one that detects very fine changes in surface temperatures, and coupled with our extensive training, allows to make determinations about whether or not a potential problem exists. We then have other tools at our disposal to do perform further analysis.

A simple scan can be accomplished during the course of a normal home or commercial building inspection, and provide information for us to recommend further evaluation, or corrective action, if needed.

How much is peace of mind and the health & safety of your family really worth…EVERYTHING!!

Schedule a THERMAL SCAN as part of your home inspection today…and let us give you the piece of mind that you deserve…

Thermal Scan Pricing
Thermal Scans$195

Thanks so much Mike. We really appreciate you thoroughness and attention to detail. The quality of work you provided seems to be increasingly rare these days, so we are very grateful for your help!

Eric and Heather